2018 Pirelli Calendar

Being a “Mad Hatter” I was over the moon to be commissioned to make two hats for the prestigious 2018 Pirelli calendar.
I was even more excited to learn that the theme was to be Alice in Wonderland and they were, of course, for the Mad Hatter. One was to be a slightly taller top hat made in brown silk velvet. No problem.

However the second one was to be a grossly exaggerated top hat. What would I use for a block that would create the right proportions? Inspiration eventually struck. My plastic wash basket with the rim removed was just right. And an Ikea oversized salad platter would do nicely for the brim. Buckram formed the base and then was covered with grey silk velvet. Not too many tears were shed!!

Transportation to London was not without its excitement. The hat box was so large it wouldn’t go through the door of the train except sideways. Then the bottom fell out on Paddington station and caused me some embarrassment! Both hats eventually arrived at their destination unscathed. They were shot by Tim Walker with set design by Shona Heath and styling by Edward Enninful.